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Book: SaaS Boilerplate

  1. Introduction. Project structure.
  2. GitHub. VS Code Editor. Node. Yarn. TypeScript. TSLint. Next.js. Environmental variables.
  3. Material-UI. Theme. Dark theme. Shared layout. Shared styles. Shared components. Mobile browser.
  4. HTTP. APP server. Next-Express server. Fetch method. API methods. async/await. API server. Express server. Environmental variables. Logs.
  5. User model. Mongoose and MongoDB. MongoDB index. Jest testing. Your Settings page. File upload to AWS S3.
  6. Login page. Google OAuth API. Session and cookie. Authentication HOC withAuth.
  7. Google OAuth. Mailchimp.
  8. AWS SES. EmailTemplate. Welcome email.
  9. Passwordless OAuth.
  10. Team. Invitation. Invitation email.
  11. Stripe. Customer. Subscription. Invoice.
  12. Discussion. Post.
  13. Web sockets.
    • Create Post via email. AWS Lambda. AWS API Gateway.
    • Deploy to AWS Elastic BeanStalk.

    Chapter 12: Web sockets.

    Available for pre-order for $99. The price becomes $199 once published.

    In Chapter 12, you will start with the codebase in the 12-begin folder of our saas repo and end up with the codebase in the 12-end folder. We will cover the following topics in this chapter:
    The chapter is under construction, you can pre-order this book for $99. The price after book's completion will be $199.
    If you pre-order the book, you will be emailed about new chapters as they become available.
    The book is to be completed by May 1, 2020.

    Available for pre-order for $99. The price becomes $199 once published.