Book 1: Builder Book

Learn how to build a full-stack, production-ready JavaScript web application from scratch.

Unlike online tutorials, which can be outdated, disjointed, and frustrating to fit together,
our book gives you a structured, up-to-date guide on building a complete web app from start to finish.

Sam Reaves

"I use Udemy for learning specific technologies but chose Builder Book after being impressed with their website being the actual project you build. The up to date, step by step instructions made creating the app a breeze."

Salie Lim

"Builder Book is by far the best book I have found on the MERN stack. It also covers testing. Very comprehensive book with explanations so that you actually understand what the code does."

Earl Lee

"As an engineer turned product manager that's a few years removed from writing code, Builder Book has been a quick and convenient way to brush up on full-stack web development and learn React for a side project."

Rick Hallett

"The authors are particularly receptive to open-source issues and pull-requests; this made my experience very worthwhile. Strongly recommend to those going from junior to middleweight JavaScript developers"

Why this book?

Robust JavaScript stack

Learn how to build a web app with React.js, Next.js, Material-UI, Express.js, Mongoose, and MongoDB. We regularly update the book with the latest versions of all dependencies.

Popular third-party APIs

Learn how to integrate a web app with Google for user authentication, GitHub for markdown and collaboration, AWS SES for transactional emails, MailChimp for newsletters, and Stripe for selling.

Build a complete web application

We cover every step of building a web app - writing pages/components, creating a server, connecting a database, integrating internal and external API infrastructures, and more. You could spend days or weeks searching these topics on Google. The web app you build in this book can be used to sell your own paywalled content and as a portfolio item.

Public support

If you have questions, search our closed Github issues or create a new one. We are happy to answer beginner to expert-level questions. With the help of our readers, we've made many improvements to our book. If you purchased our book, we typically reply within 1 or 2 days.

Table of Contents


Full-stack team

  • maintain two popular repos - saas and builderbook (combined: over 6000 stars and 1000 unique visitors per week).
  • built and maintain the most popular React/Typescript/Node boilerplate for starting a SaaS business.
  • built and opensourced Async, open source team communcation web app to separate urgent vs non-urgent conversations.
  • built Work in biotech, popular job board for small biotech startups.
  • built Loadflow sophisticated fleet tracking and scheduling software.
  • built AI-cruiter browser extension , free and popular extension for sourcing recruiters that uses LLMs (LLama 3).
  • built and building numerous tools and automations for recruiters, including ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for recruiter agencies.
  • built over a dozen SaaS web applications in the last 10 years for our customers and offer custom development service:

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