Book 2: SaaS Boilerplate

Learn how to build a production-ready, feature-rich SaaS web application from scratch.
Starting a small and independent software business is hard. This book saves weeks of effort.
You'll go from 0 lines of code in Chapter 1 to over 10,000 lines of code by Chapter 10.

Why this book?

Robust JS/TS stack

Our open source project occasionally trends on GitHub inside the TypeScript category, and we keep our book up-to-date with the latest versions of all dependencies. Build a web app with React.js, Next.js, Material-UI, MobX, WebSockets, Express.js, Node.js, Mongoose, MongoDB. Write with TypeScript.

Popular third-party APIs

In addition to numerous internal API infrastructures, integrate your SaaS web application with external API services. Integrate with Google for user authentication and analytics, AWS SES for transactional emails, AWS S3 for file hosting and serving, MailChimp for newsletters, and Stripe for selling.

Build your own SaaS product and become an owner of your SaaS business

This book is not another to-do list app. You will build a practical web application with must-have features that can become your SaaS business. We take you through every step of building a SaaS web application from scratch.

Public support

If you have questions, search our closed Github issues or create a new one. We are happy to answer beginner to expert-level questions. If you purchased our book, we typically reply within 1 or 2 days.

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Newport, WA

Kelly is a front-end developer. She likes using React and Material Design and enjoys solving UX problems.


Newport, WA

Tima is a full-stack JavaScript web developer. He likes learning any technology that improves end-user experience.

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