Book 3: Browser Extension

Learn how to structure and build Manifest v3, production-ready, chrome browser extension with LLM features.

Structuring, testing and building your first browser can be confusing and outright hard.
Our detailed book explains on how to organize project, code and prepare your browser extension for submission to the Chrome store.

Matt Moyles

"I found it very useful in Next.js learning. I followed along with the book, then used the async-labs/saas boilerplate to start a new app at my job."

Fahad Riaz

"I'm a backend developer and was looking for something that brought me up to speed on how to deploy a production ready website. This fit the bill."

Pavel Serafimovich

"This is a great book. Clear presentation style. The accompanying code is of very high quality. Your anti-monopoly ideology is also inspiring."

Andrew Shrout

"Thanks again for everything in the book and all the help in GitHub. Really appreciate how much you've all done to make my company come to life."

Why this book?

Robust stack, production-tested tools

You will build a browser extension project and a standalone server project that communicate with each other. You will learn to use popular tools like react, axios, cheerio, typescript, openai, stripe and more.

Important business features and third-party APIs

You will learn and implement a user authentication system with jsonwebtoken and bcrypt; LLM feature with openai and textract; and paid subscriptions with stripe.

Public support

If you have questions, search our issues Github issues or create a new one. We are happy to answer beginner to expert-level questions. If you purchased our book, we typically reply within 1 or 2 days.

Table of Contents


Full-stack team

  • maintain two popular repos - saas and builderbook (combined: close to 6000 stars and 1000 unique visitors per week).
  • built and maintain the most popular React/Typescript/Node boilerplate for starting SaaS business.
  • built over a dozen SaaS web applications in the last 5 years.
  • built and opensourced Async, urgent vs non-urgent team communication tool, and currently run it as a ramen-profitable SaaS business.
  • built Work in biotech, popular job board for small biotech startups.
  • built Loadflow sophisticated fleet tracking and scheduling software.
  • built AI-cruiter browser extension , free and popular extension for sourcing recruiters that uses LLMs (LLama 3).
  • built and building numerous tools and automations for recruiters, including ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for recruiter agencies.
  • built over a dozen SaaS web applications in the last 10 years for our customers and offer custom development service:

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